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Комплект барабанов gretsch catalina maple 7-piece silver

Стан: Новий
  • Різнокольоровий
  • Onesize

Chrome drumshell hardware Includes a double tom holder with integrated cymbal
mount Features a new round bass drum badge rosette Set is constructed from
100% 7-ply maple drum shells featuring newly designed Gretsch badges 2.3 mm
Triple-flange steel hoops and Catalina mini lugs Includes the new 2-point tom
suspension system including 9010 L-arms Included: white single-ply Gretsch
drum heads by Remo Colour: Silver Sparkle Drum set consists of: Bass Drum: 22'
x 18' Tom Toms: 08' x 07' - 10' x 07' - 12' x 08' Floor Tom: 14' x 14' Floor
Tom: 16' x 16' Snare Drum: 14' x 06' Note: Hardware / Stands are not included

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